Karneval für die Zukunft (Carnival for the Future)

Karneval für die Zukunft (Carnival for the Future)


17. June 2023    
14:00 - 19:00


Artistania e.V.
Neckarstrasse 19, Berlin, 12053

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The climate change movement has been gaining significant attention, for example through the Fridays for Future movement. This awareness for climate justice, however, is mostly visible in the media and in (upper-) middle class circles. Karneval für die Zukunft symbolizes new beginnings and societal catharsis.

The accompanying exclusion is increasingly criticized within and without the environmental protection movement. To combat this, we would like to incite an intersectional process of approaching environmental issues as inseparable from social issues. Through cooperation with schools, youth clubs, neigbourhood organisations  etc. we will spark discussion and encourage community involvement. Artistic self-expression transcends generations and cultures.

The approach to this project is crucial: rather than creating a patronizing campaign about the global situation, we will instigate a participatory exploration of environmental issues, and engage with the topic through art, humor and poetry.

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