The landscapes of Cosyland are formed by organisations (including NGOs, cooperatives, and other cooperatively minded companies and collectives), networks, as well as approaches and organisational models.

For Organizations

Organizations can join Cosyland and find support for making cooperation smooth and rewarding for everyone involved.

  • Find consultancy to improve your cooperative practices and culture.
  • Find coaching for your members and staff to unfold their cooperative potential.
  • Find new members and colleagues with a sincerely cooperative mindset.
  • Find partners for cooperative projects and get technical support and facilitation for making cooperation enjoyable and effective.
  • Become a Cosy Workplace that is attractive for Cosians to work at.

If you want to see how your organization can become part of the landscapes of Cosyland – get in touch.

Examples of Landscapes

A remote landscape deep inside of Cosyland is the Dragonvalley, where you can find guidance to become friends with the Dragons.

In the north of Cosyland there is the Mount CosyAI, where Cosians go to find healthy ways to use and interact with artificial intelligence.

Some of the landscapes in Cosyland are whole regions in which a diversity of organizations can be found, like the Platform Coop Forest or the Social Business Range.

Others are general organizational models that rather connect different regions and landscapes across Cosyland, like the Cooperative River and the DAO Stream.

Together, they form the map of Cosyland, which helps every Cosian to find a Cosy home.

Get in touch to see how your organization can become part of the landscapes of Cosyland.