Cosyland is a home for those who want to live

in harmony with our cooperative human nature.

What is Cosyland?

Cosyland is the project to create a new social network that connects real, on the ground communities of people who work on themselves to heal and nurture their capacity to cooperate sincerely.

Travel to Cosyland

The platform

On the Cosyland platform you can connect with others who you can trust to share a commitment to healing themselves and practice deeper awareness.

And you can find on the ground communities of likeminded people around the world.

Cosyland also supports you with finding holistic coaches, mentors, and workshops to help you healing and developing your own capacities for cooperating sincerely.

And Cosyland supports organisations with finding consultants and tools to help improving your cooperative practices and culture.

A real trust community

Cosyland is based on trust and it is an essential element that you can trust everyone who is there.

To ensure that, there is a process for arriving in Cosyland, which involves being part of a real, on the ground community of people who work on themselves.

For those who are not yet embedded or comfortable in such communities, there are people ready to support anyone on their journey.

This way we make sure that everyone in Cosyland is a real person with real connections and capable of taking up our common responsibility to make everyone feel cosy :).

The Cosy Marketplace

Within Cosyland, there is the Cosy Marketplace. It works a little different to normal marketplaces. You can offer things for Cosycoins, our own internal currency.

But you cannot buy anything for your Cosycoins. Instead, you can share your needs. And then other people can use their Cosycoins to make you a gift according to your needs.

Likewise, you can use your Cosycoins to make a gift to others, simply by browsing through the needs that they have shared.

The key is that this practice of giving and receiving is not transactional. You make your gifts unconditionally, and others are making gifts to you unconditionally. And the good thing is that Cosyland is a safe home, where we can just try out how this unconditional giving and receiving feels.

The basic income

Every human person who arrives in Cosyland starts receiving a basic income in Cosycoins. For this, we cooperate with the Circles Project. You can spend these Cosycoins by making gifts on the Cosy Marketplace. And you can earn Cosycoins for offerings things or services there and for making active contributions to Cosyland.

A Common Ground for Mindset Shifts

All in all, Cosyland is an open, common ground where we can find (and find out) what we need to develop our sincere cooperative nature (Cosy stands for cooperating sincerely).

The landscapes of Cosyland collectively shaped by the diversity of people, communities, and organizations who join.

Free from social pressures

Instead of competing for things, status, money, likes etc. we cooperate to produce meaning, connections, and safe homes for all who arrive.

By being sincerely ourselves and at the same time respecting everyone else being themselves as well, we create protection from the pressures of distrust, judgement, and forced insincerity that we often face in our current societies.

Because we all contribute to creating this safe home, we can replace these old mindsets with trust, generosity, and gratefulness.

Supporting transformation

Cosyland is designed to be a safe home for those who are aware and actively working on themselves. But of course it exists in a world where many people didn’t have much chance to do so.

It is the purpose of Cosyland to reach out to people who might be stuck in mindsets of competition and scarcity and offer them a ride. And to show them by example that it is just better to join communities who practice awareness and sincere cooperation.

Anyone who is ready to work on themselves is invited to embark on the journey to Cosyland.

By cooperating sincerely, we can contribute to transforming this world into a place where we can all be at peace with ourselves and nature.