The People of Cosyland

Cosyland is a land made of trust. It has no physical territory, but is created through the people who join in. And it is open to everyone who sincerely wants to live their cooperative nature.

Be Welcome

Our approach is basically the opposite to the EU’s immigration policy: We send you a safe and comfortable boat to wherever you are and then make sure that you arrive well at the shores of Cosyland. And once you are here, we celebrate you with a welcome party and support you in connecting with those who already landed.

How to arrive in Cosyland?

Cosyland can be reached by every human being, no matter where on Earth you live, how you look like, or what you believe in.

However (of course, there is a little however), reaching Cosyland involves more than just setting up an online account.

In general, there are two main ways to arrive:

1. Find a Cosy Harbour

Cosy Harbours are communities who have connected to Cosyland. They can then invite their members to become Cosians. You can join any of these communities to be welcomed to Cosyland. It is up to each of them how they invite you, but it will always involve connecting with other community members in person.

2. Find a Cosy Sailor

Cosy Sailors are coaches and mentors, that can accompany you on the way to Cosyland. They are a quite diverse group of people, but whoever you choose or find, they will always get in touch with you in person to make sure you are a real human being.

What you need to become a Cosian?

You do not have to do a test to be welcome in Cosyland. You only need to bring three simple things:

  1. A wish to cooperate sincerely
    It is this wish that connects all Cosians. None of us is perfect, but we all can learn to connect and cooperate. No matter how much we have already learned, what counts is that we are ready to keep working on ourselves.
  2. Tolerance
    In Cosyland, you can be, as you really are. And we are all responsible to make sure that everyone else can be themselves as well, no matter what identities they chose for themselves and what background they bring.
  3. Responsibility
    It is up to each of us to take our own steps towards healing our capacity to cooperate sincerely. Cosyland offers many forms of support for this, but it can only work, if we are ready to face our own specific challenges.

Start sailing

If you are ready to take the challenge, come and jump on a Cosy boat to sail towards Cosyland. You can just sign up and then see how the journey goes for you:

Start the journey to Cosyland